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Accessible Church

We welcome everyone to our Church and include anyone who is disabled for whatever reason,

their families and friends. This statement is intended to cover the whole church and it is written to

help you know what can be expected of our building and our practices.

Our Buildings

The main church building has a large worship area, bell tower, chapel (part of the original church), hall, meeting rooms and kitchen. Next to it is Chaddisbrook House, the church’s community hub, containing the church offices, a cafe and shop. In addition, the church holds a morning service at

Yateley School on Sunday mornings, a venue known as the Centre.


The church itself has level access to every part of the building. The raised dais at the front of the worship area can be accessed using a portable ramp.


At present, there is no fully accessible toilet in the church building, though plans are being developed to include one as part of a wide ranging improvement programme.


Chaddisbrook House has recently been modernised throughout prior to the opening of Cafe 46 and the enlargement of the shop, Discoveries. The building has wheelchair access to all areas including a lift to the upper floor where offices, counselling services and a meeting room are



All external pathways are in good condition and there is a parking space reserved for holders of a blue badge.

Main Worship Area

Pews were replaced by chairs some years ago, giving flexibility, and sides sidespeople will move chairs to accommodate a wheelchair user wherever they want to sit. A number of chairs with arms are provided for those who need them. There is a loop operating in the front half of the church and the chapel. Words for songs and liturgy are projected onto a large screen at the front of the church, though song books are also available.


There is currently no BSL or Makaton signing at our main services.


Church Services

Services are generally fairly informal, with verbal explanation of what to expect and where everything is.


People with learning disabilities

The church has been running a special Bible group for adults with learning disabilities for about 25 years. Meeting once a month, the teaching and worship are fully accessible, and the group welcomes people from both Yateley and surrounding villages.

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