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Baptism is the public declaration of Christian faith. When children are baptised it

is done on the basis of their parents’ and godparents’ faith. 


The Christian faith is centred on Jesus, God's Son. Christians believe that Jesus

shows us the way to have a living relationship with God the Father, and that he

comes to us today through his Holy Spirit.

If you would like to have your baby or child baptised at St Peter's we would be very

happy to discuss this with you and talk about the journey of faith in which you will be

engaging with your child, and the promises and decisions that you are asked to make 

publicly as part of the Baptism Service. 

You may decide that you don't feel you can make the promises that are included in

the Baptism Service on behalf of your child. In this case, we are happy to offer a

Thanksgiving Service which celebrates your child as a gift from God, and which can

still form the focus of a special family celebration.

To start the process of getting your child, or yourself baptised, contact the Parish Office.

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