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At St Peter's we love to welcome families and children into our community.

This may be formally through a baptism service or through the many groups which cater for children and youth, from birth until they leave school.


As well as church groups we often host special school services and welcome children’s community groups into the church. In addition we have a team of people who go into our schools to lead 'Open the Book' assemblies.

We want all of the children in our town to know that St Peter's is their church and that they are always welcome. In that way, we hope that if they ever get to a time in their lives where they need to know the peace and comfort that God can provide, they won’t have any hesitation about coming to us.

Meet ROo

My name is Roo Joyner and I am the Schools and Families Pastor at St Peter's in Yateley. I oversee the church's work with children and families both in local schools and within the church. Please get in touch with me if you would like to talk about anything connected with children's work - I'd love to hear from you: or 01252 912763.

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