Welcome to Deeper, our responsive night of praise and worship. We meet in the parish church at 7pm every other Sunday and create a beautiful space to meet with God. We will be alternating each week between Deeper in Word and Deeper in Worship. Each week there will be time for you to immerse yourself in the Holy Spirit, speak out scripture, and prophesy.

Our aim is to sing new and old songs in a contemporary style, to listen to what God is saying to us NOW and to lift up our praises. Deeper is for everyone; if you visit with children, they are welcome to join us or relax in our children's family room unsupervised.

Join us at Deeper for a one- to- one with Jesus, a refill, healing or simply to sing praise to the Lord.


Upcoming Dates

18th April - Deeper in Worship

25th April - Deeper in Word


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Watch this space: New songs we will be singing will be added to the boxes below.

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T h e   T r u t h   w I l l   l e a d  y o u   h o m e,   

L I f t   u p   h I g h   t h e   c r o s s