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More to Give is a group for those who consider themselves further along on their life journey, though age limits are deliberately not defined! The group started in response to a perceived sense that older members of the congregations have a distinct ministry within the church body which needed to be acknowledged. Our meetings provide the opportunity for people’s different gifts to continue to be exercised. We are also eager to welcome those who may have an attachment to church but do not attend Sunday services.

The group meets in Oasis on the last Saturday of each month, from 2.30 to 4pm, for an informal café-style worship service. Every effort is made by the team to provide a friendly setting with occasional special events. At services we have music, listen to a short bible-based talk by a guest speaker or one of the team, plus a time of prayer, based on suggestions by those present. We finish with some questions linked to the talk to discuss around the tables with our tea and cake.

More to Give is also an ‘umbrella’ group aiming to present occasional workshops and courses of interest to us over the course of the year. For example, in 2023, we have been trying a pilot of the Omega Course, exploring faith in later years.

Members are urged to tell their stories of how God has worked in their lives which are shared with the church body as an encouragement. We believe that wisdom and experience accumulated over the years are like essential vitamins for the whole church body

We try to do something a little bit different every month – come and be surprised!

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