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You may have no experience or understanding of Christianity. You may have only been inside a church for weddings or funerals. Or maybe you grew up in church but haven't been back since.

Christianity Explored is an opportunity to hear, question and challenge the claims of Jesus Christ, the person at the very heart of Christianity, and why they are so important.

Christianity Explored considers the big questions of life, helping us to explore them for ourselves in light of the life of Jesus. The aim is to help people investigate Christianity for themselves, not relying on what we heard at school, or what we how we have seen Christianity represented on TV.

We encourage everyone to come with all of their questions, nothing is taboo. We can’t deal with them all in just a few weeks, but the course is a great introduction to thinking about the big issues.

Absolutely everyone is welcome and the course is going to run from March 21st.

We meet on Tuesdays at 12pm in Oasis.

If you have any questions please email or call Maureen on 01252 912761

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