Worship at St Peter’s

Musical worship is one of our major ministries. The power of music to connect directly with the heart is well recognised here. Both 10am Sunday services, and the monthly 6pm Deeper sessions, include a musical stream which is designed to help the congregation on a journey. A journey from praising the all-powerful Creator who flung stars into space, to intimate worship of the Father who knows every hair on our head.


The music we use across the church is delivered by groups of musicians and singers, or bands, and is contemporary and relevant.  The role of Worship Leader, or lead worshipper, is well established, and they are expected to be fully part of the church at large, as well as taking up that special responsibility when required. We are always seeking to refresh and expand our musical worship-leading ministry, especially for the younger members of our church, and we regard a true heart for worship to be equal in importance to musical excellence.

Get involved
Play an instrument or sing?

If you would like to get involved and join one of our Worship bands, we would love to hear from you! Please contact the Parish Office for more information on 01252 912761