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St Peter's Weekend away at home

Friday 9th june - sunday 11th june

A Weekend to Come Together as a Church Family

The Vision we believe God has given us at St Peter's is to be Rooted in Word and Spirit, Seeking God in Prayer and Worship and Reaching out in the Presence and Love of Jesus. We need the Holy Spirit's presence and power to do this …

The Holy Spirit and You

If God loves us and wants to make a practical difference in our lives we should be able to experience it in down to earth ways, not in theory but in practice. This is where the work of God's Holy Spirit comes in, God Himself giving to those who ask, a new power for living.  Its effect is normally immediate.  Different people experience it in different ways as God meets us at our point of need.  For example, some speak of finding a deep peace or joy or discovering a new meaning to life.  Others report a much deeper sense of closeness to God, better relationships, greater confidence or a new freedom.  Many ask for and receive particular gifts such as the gift of wisdom or healing.  All find a fresh understanding of God and His Son Jesus.

The weekend from Friday evening 9th June to Sunday 11th at lunchtime will be led by Rev Chris Oldroyd of ReSource and will cover all these aspects, based on the scriptures and personal experience.  It will be practical, understandable, encouraging and life changing as we discover together more of what God longs to give us.  There will be ample time for questions, discussion, relaxation and ministry.

It is time to gather again as the family of St Peter's, to renew friendships, to strengthen the bonds that hold us together, to stand together and look forward to what God is building on for the future.


The Weekend Away - The Programme

Friday 9th June

7.30pm – Session 1 - "Wait – There's More!"

An evening of worship and teaching, followed by conversation around the fire. No children's events are planned.

Saturday 10th June

9.30am - Session 2 - "How Much More?"

11.00am – Session 3 – "Free Gifts For All"

We are going to join together from 9.30am – 12.30pm in Church for a morning of worship, teaching, coffee, pastries and thinking. There will be sessions for both the children and youth age groups so they have a good time, too. The aim of all of this? To be Rooted in Word and Spirit.


2.30pm Afternoon – Doing Stuff In The Community

Last year, we spent some time doing things around Yateley: litter picking, prayer walking gardening etc. From 2.30pm to 4.30pm on the Saturday of our weekend, we are going to do something similar. The aim of all of this? To be Reaching out in the Presence and Love of Jesus.

Chris and others will be available in the afternoon for prayer and ministry sessions. You willl be able to book these at the weekend. The aim? To Go Deeper!

4.00pm - Session 4 - "How To Access Your Free Gift"

6.00pm – The Big BBQ For All

We will meet behind Discoveries for a Big BBQ with food provided and an opportunity to chat, catch up and invite friends. More Reaching Out!

Sunday 11th June

10.00am - Worshipping Together – "Bearing The Fruit"

We will come together at 10.00am for a St Peter's Celebration The aim? Seeking God in Prayer and Worship.

All You Need To Know …

What's Happening for the Children?

St Peter's SuperHero Academy will be happening with Chris Newman, who did the brilliant stuff with the children last year!

How Much?

Free. Totally free. The aim has been to minimise cost – there will be a few things we will have to pay for, so there will be an opportunity for you to contribute to it, if you would like to.

Do I Have To Book?

Please book this in your diary! There will not be any tickets but we may ask people to let us know if you are coming to the BBQ, so that we can make sure we have enough burgers etc. We will also ask people to sign up for the Stuff in the Community, so we can organise that …

Can I Help?

Yes, Please! We have deliberately set the weekend up into bite sized chunks so that we can share the responsibility of making it happen. If you would like to help with a particular event, please contact the office and they will happily sort something out.

What Next?

Please put the dates in your diary, email or phone the office with any questions, and wait for more about the weekend in due course! And watch out for updates!

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